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Born in 1949, Simon was an iconic character who loved his customers whole heartedly and well-known for tossing his famous pancakes upon serving. Unfortunately, Simon Lay, 68, died on March 19, after a battle with cancer. Our restaurant opened 10 years ago, will continue to serve food to the community in honour of this wonderful man.

“For many who visited our restaurant in Box Hill South, it wasn’t about tasting his signature dish. People kept coming back because he made them feel ‘extra special’ with his quirky sense of humour and genuine love for his customers” - Herald Sun, 2018

“Every so often, the hospitality industry gives us a champion – a bright spark that lights up
a room and makes everyone feel that little bit extra special just by being around them.
Simon Lay – aka. Charles Bronson from the East – was such a man” - Melissa Leong, Master Chef Judge, 2018 (SBS)

Simon’s legacy lives on and will continue to be a thriving restaurant for those who crave
for peiking duck.

Simon's Peiking Duck X Vista

This year, we were lucky enough to be chosen to partner with Vista Print to help re-brand our restaurant and share Simon's legacy. 

We are so grateful to have partnered with 99 designs and Wix to bring our vision to life. Watch the video below to see the incredible TV commercial that was made!

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